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Find the perfect luxury car for your next trip to Glasgow

Luxury rental cars take any road trips from boring to unforgettable. In our list you can find all kinds of amazing cars like luxury sedans, coupes, convertible sports cars and also a luxury SUVs with spacious cargo space so you can choose the right luxury car for your stay in Glasgow.



Ever dreamed of driving a new Bentley Bentayga or having a sports race with a friend in a Mercedes AMG? Take a look at our astonishing collection of luxury supercars, including legendary BMW M series, Rolls Royce models like Ghost, Wraith and convertible Rolls Royce Dawn! Feel the roar of legendary cars on yourself, seamless experience and impressions that will be remembered for a lifetime!


There is nothing better than getting behind the wheel of a luxury SUV on a sunny beautiful day and driving off with friends or family on a small but exciting comfortable ride! Sounds pretty amazing and DRIVAR can help you make your dream come true. The rental fleet of our roster of luxury SUVs you can rent such popular models as the Lamborghini Urus, Range Rover Sport from Land Rover or Mercedes- Benz G-Wagon! Moreover, if you wish maximum luxurious and service we have also prepared the famous Lincoln models and outgorgeous Rolls-Royce Cullinan!

Why Glasgow is the perfect location to hire a luxury car

Glasgow is not only Scotland’s biggest city – Here you´ll meet people of all kinds as well as a luxury experience of its own kind. Being well known for its outstanding architecture Glasgow now still is the perfect destination for your car-related holiday trip. So it doesn´t really matter if you take a luxury car for a ride through the city or make a nice trip out of Glasgow to the beautiful outskirts – Glasgow will be the ideal destination for your luxury car rental in the United Kingdom.

Offering anybody the luxury car of his dreams anywhere in the United Kingdom is our mission. Therefore, not only DRIVAR connects you directly to your dream car in excellent condition, but we also provide you with the right one to collect breath-taking memories while driving it.

reputation based on excellence

Way more than just a simple luxury car rental company, we are DRIVAR! For over 8 years our company is delivering the best service in the market of the exotic car rentals business. Consequently, our reputation speaks for itself, firstly successfully inserted in the German market, now also present in the UK. Concerning our quality standards, our objective is to provide the most efficient service to our customers. For that reason, each luxury car is individually handpicked, verified and then advertised on our platform. Furthermore, apart from the fact that we have an insurance policy to support your safety, we are also available in any circumstance towards any conflict with the renter or British authorities. Therefore, feel free to get in touch with us!

DRIVAR® airport & hotel delivery service

You may be asking yourself, how can DRIVAR deliver an exotic luxury car like the Lamborghini Urus, for instance, when the city is not even available on the website? The answer is just right in front of your eyes, DRIVAR services are not limited, we are everywhere! Therefore, supported by our extensive logistic network, we are able to personally deliver your car at any pick-up location in the whole United Kingdom, including the airport, your hotel, or wherever you are!

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